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Onion Sprouts

Updated: Aug 2, 2022

The seeds are collected from bulb onion plants and are allowed to germinate and grow for approximately 10 to 15 days before they are harvested. Onion sprouts are one of the slowest growing varieties of sprouts, but they are considered to have some of the strongest flavours, valued for their sweet, nutty, and mild onion-like taste.

Onion sprouts are favoured for their crunchy nature and offer the flavour and essence of onions without the overpowering acidity found in mature bulbs. Chefs value Onion sprouts for their ease of use. The sprouts can be quickly added to culinary dishes without extensive preparation and provide enhanced flavours without eye-watering fumes permeating the air. Home cooks also incorporate sprouts to increase the nutritional density of a meal in an easy-to-digest form.


Onion sprouts have a mild, nutty, and subtly sweet onion flavour well suited for fresh preparations. The sprout’s delicate nature cannot withstand high heat and should be added at the end of preparations to retain the sprout’s crunchy texture and flavour. It is also recommended to use the sprouts in small quantities to keep the flavour from becoming too overwhelming. Onion sprouts can be layered into sandwiches, wraps, fresh spring rolls, and quesadillas, tossed into salads, or used as an edible garnish over avocado toast, breakfast melts, and scrambled eggs. The crisp sprouts enhance the flavour of any dish and are a quick and easy substitute for onion bulbs in recipes. The sprouts can also be gently pressed on top of soft cheeses, herb dips, and spreads, floated over soups such as udon and ramen, mixed into grain bowls and pasta side salads, or used as an added texture on top of fried onion pancakes and fritters. Try sprinkling a small amount of Onion sprouts over lemon risotto for an interesting flavour combination or placing it on top of sushi and sashimi. The sprouts can also be mixed with other sprouts, including broccoli, radish, clover, or alfalfa, and used as a crunchy bed of greens.

Onion sprouts pair well with avocado, asparagus, sunflower greens, arugula, potatoes, tomatoes, seafood, and grilled meats, including poultry, beef, and pork. Onion sprouts should be immediately consumed for the best quality and flavour but will keep 3 to 5 days when stored unwashed in a sealed container in the crisper drawer of the refrigerator.

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