The process

The prime area of Matumi's focus has always been the dependable supply of fresh fruits and vegetables to 5-star lodges, hotels, restaurants and supermarkets within South Africa. However it does not just stop at that. With the growth of our company we have had to extend our focus to almost anything within the hospitality arena. We want happy clients, therefore our team does their upmost to source and supply the weird and wonderful requests. We pride ourselves on our longstanding and excellent relations with most companies within the hospitality and retail sectors in the Mpumalanga area.

As the logistical demands increase the process therefore has become more intricate. We have had to expand our fleet number and rethink our transport and loading plans in order to get our produce packed and delivered in time while still being fresh and top quality.

We now have a depot base in Johannesburg, City Deep. This has opened up our ability to source more produce within Gauteng and the surrounding areas.

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