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Get to know our dream team - Office staff

Meet Michelle Coetzee.

She started at Matumi 3 years ago. She is a breath of fresh air and a clever cookie 🤓🍪.

Position at Matumi: Part of our office staff - Admin and Transport. Hobby: Reading Age: 26 Birthday: 11th December Favorite meal: Sushi 🍱 Favorite vegetable: Potato 🥔

Meet Irene Majonga.

Irene has been with us for a while, 10 years to be exact! She has worked her way up the ladder and she is now one of most integral parts of the runnings of Matumi. She is hard working and has a great sense of humour.

Position at Matumi: Part of our office staff - Admin Hobby: Reading Age: 32 Birthday: 17th October Favorite meal: Meat Favorite vegetable: Orange 🍊

Meet Nicholas Wood.

Nick has only been at Matumi a short time but in this time he has really added a huge amount of value to the company. Not entirely new to Matumi as he grew up being exposed to the company from the very beginning. He is the son of Anton and Marianne and works along side his brother Sam.

Position at Matumi: Logistics and Customer relations Hobby: Fly fishing Age: 28 Birthday: 24th September Favorite meal: Skaap rib on the braai Favorite vegetable: Nectarine

Time at Matumi: 3 years

Meet Kitty le Grange.

Kitty joined Matumi 14 years ago and is now well and truly part of the family. She lives and breathes Matumi. A day at Matumi is not the same if Kitty is not in the office.

Position at Matumi: Head of Administration and Accounts Hobby: Cooking Age: 42 Birthday: 22nd October Favorite meal: Skaap chop Favorite vegetable: Banana

Time at Matumi: 14 years

Meet Johan Enslin.

Johan joined the Matumi team 2 years ago and forms part of our transport and logistics. With Matumi venturing into transport a bit more Johan is a God send.

Position at Matumi: Operations

Hobby: Motorbike riding Age: 54 Birthday: 22nd October Favorite meal: Salad and Chips Favorite vegetable: Orange 🍊

Time at Matumi: 2 years

Meet Sam Wood.

Sam, like Nick is no new comer to Matumi. However he officially stared 1 year ago and keeps our pack house running smoothly.

Position at Matumi: Pack House Manager

Hobby: Camping Age: 23 Birthday: 21st March Favorite meal: Big Mac meal medium with a coke Favorite vegetable: Potato - preferably deep fried🙈

Time at Matumi: 1 year

Meet Marianne Wood.

Marianne with her husband Anton began Matumi in 1995 and has grown the business massively over the last 24 years. She runs the everyday workings of Matumi with the help of the team around her.

Position at Matumi: Director

Hobby: Playing the flute Age: 49 Birthday: 9th April Favorite meal: Italian Favorite vegetable: Artichoke

Time at Matumi: 24 years


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