Dipping our toe into the online social media pool.

If you follow us on social media you hopefully will have seen that we have been working hard on improving our look. If you don't follow us on social media then you better get following :-) We dipped our toe in the social media pool about 2 years ago. It was quite a daunting prospect. The world of "social media" as we call it is a pretty ruthless place, which would open us up to quite a bit of scrutiny both negative and positive. However we did not want to be left behind, so we jumped straight in and went from zero to having a Website, Facebook and Instagram. It has been extremely satisfying letting our local community have a peak into what we do here at Matumi. It has also been the catalyst to a snowball effect of a lot of other brand development ventures.

In this day and age a company brand is an extremely important aspect of every business. It is a refection of you and your company. Which is why we have been slowly but surely updating, rethinking and remapping Matumi Fresh Logistics. For those of you who have know us from day one, as Matumi Fresh Produce will know that we are a local, family run business evolving in the Lowveld of South Africa. The niche market that we tapped into many moons ago has become our jokes. Family lunches, brunches and everything in between always has a mention of Matumi and how we can better ourselves as a company and still remain true to our core values. From management work shops, team building to long haul truck management software and specialised bespoke fruit and vegetable sourcing. We cannot be more excited about the new heading we have keyed into our metaphorical GPS. 2019 will be a the year that another mile stone will be ticked off and an end of an era reached. Keep following for more updates on our journey.

Check our logo development video below.

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