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Green Vegetables

Crafty Farms is the brain child of Nicholas Wood currently General Manager of Matumi Fresh Logistics. Nick runs the show with a handful of dedicated team members - planters, harvesters and packers. The original idea for implementing a hydroponics farm came about in June 2021. The aim being that Crafty Farm would supply Matumi Fresh giving Matumi as a whole, control over their product. Resulting in less third party handling, ensuring that you, our client get the best produce possible.


Hydroponics is the growing of plants in nutrient solutions with or without an inert medium (such as soil) to provide mechanical support. Crafty Farms uses a soil/sand based medium in which the plant will grow. Along with drip irrigation systems, which will supply all necessary nutrients allowing the plant to thrive. The recirculation of irrigated water in lettuce and herb crops is a necessity in order to reduce costs and environmental pollution. The greenhouse environment in which the plant will grow can be digitally monitored, reducing the need for harmful chemicals, pesticides and herbicides. Further reducing the effect Crafty Farms will have on the environment.

Trust & Consistency is important to us, that no matter where our customer may be they will always get the perfect Crafty Greens.  

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